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The stories we tell ourselves about who we are as Aboriginal people, and what we are doing here, about who we can be and who we once were, about the great gifts of Aboriginal science and psychology and sociology that the world needs to face the challenges of climate change. Some days you can only laugh. We must continue to insist that we are the sole owners of our own traditional stories and the authors of our own lives. And we must be vigilant about what we allow into our consciousness, and what we recognise as the Very Big Lie of colonisation. I said when I published Mullumbimby back in that I wanted to write a story in which blackfellas had four things: Beauty, Power, Humour and Land.

Brave Men Run - A Novel Of The Sovereign Era (Paperback)

And although in my latest book, Too Much Li p, I look at some of the trauma arising directly from colonisation, and I paint a much less rosy picture of one black family, I still had in my mind that we should have those four elements: Beauty, Power, Humour and Land. Even in the midst of the trauma, we should have those things on the page, or be working towards them. We need to be alive on the page. We need to be fighting, and standing strong. We need to remember what allowed us to build the very first civilisation on this planet, our intelligence, our beauty and our pride in ourselves.

Holding hands with a race-baiter and neofascist. These times when per cent of the children locked in jail in the Northern Territory are black. Times when our widespread poverty and our political plight barely raise an eyebrow; because the story of the Aborigine as successful citizen, as a brilliant inventor or researcher or scientist or negotiator is not yet imagined, let alone widely known.

We need to keep in our minds Uncle William Cooper, the only private individual on the planet to protest the acts of German Nazis, including civilians, on Kristallnacht in Remember the way that our people came together in the s, facing racist violence from the Queensland police at the Commonwealth Games protests in , and the giant march of when tens of thousands including many white supporters rallied for recognition on Eora land. Remember how hard they did it, and how staunch our mob were, and draw strength from their strength.

How do we transmit that strength to our readers and ourselves? We can look to the greats of Black and Indigenous literature around the world. Freedom is something you take, and every man is as free as he wants to be.

The Sovereign Person in Senecan Political Theory

I also have chalked on the wall in front of where I write something said by Murrawah Johnson, a young activist in Meanjin Brisbane, a spokeswoman for the Wangan and Jangilou people against the Adani mine. I think back on my life of reading and there are three moments that stand out. And I realised at that moment with a physical shock—I can still remember the wonder of that feeling today—that books could be about the real world I lived in.

Miraculously, books could be about my world, too. I also remember being told about a novel called The Bone People in my early twenties. How much poorer the world of writing would be without The Bone People. How much poorer our ideas of indigeneity and sovereignty would be. And third, I remember watching Alexis Wright speaking at QUT in Meanjin Brisbane about a decade ago, and urging us with the grit and sincerity that are the constant hallmarks of her work, to cultivate the sovereignty of our minds.

To ask what it is to be sovereign in our thinking as Aboriginal people. And feeling that shock of recognition once again: to be struck, again, that here is an idea that I needed to be introduced to. Here is an idea that feeds my soul.

Utgivarens beskrivning

What is it, this sovereignty of the mind? Spider was the boss for a sacred site called Kurtu. And it was six hours drive from Fitzroy Crossing, very remote, very inaccessible even in LandCruisers.

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I think it had been something like 40 years since the family had been back to their country. He had to go this way instead, cross-country where there was no road at all.

And Spider just stood and insisted that this hard, difficult track was the right track. I been hunting all around this country for years when I was young. Because you are the one who knows.

Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick Episode 009: The Artist’s Responsibility

You are the expert on your life. Our songman Uncle Kev Carmody knows it. Historically we cared for all and everything in this place. The British invasion tried to destroy that philosophy of great and tender care. Tried to wipe the culture out. The result, which they pretend is something called civilisation, is in fact suffering, ours and theirs. Sometimes we forget that we are all connected in a giant, intricate web of belonging.

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Brave Men Run is an alternate history fan favorite, now revised and expanded -- including a sneak peek at Pilgrimage , the second volume of the Charters Duology and the Sovereign Era storyworld! April 18, - A startling revelation shocks a world already wound tight by the desperate tensions of the Cold War: super-humans exist Until that day, high school sophomore Nate Charters thought he was just an outsider and self-proclaimed freak.

His unusual appearance, hair-trigger reflexes, and overactive metabolism could have made him something special, but his differences and low self-esteem marked him as a target for the jocks and popular kids long ago. Now, just as his unique nature catches the eye of a self-assured older girl and the sinister attention of the enigmatic Dr.

Brenhurst, Nate must solve the mystery of his origins and find his place in the world.

Church History: Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

Is he part of a remarkable, powerful new minority He'd better find his answers quickly. A shadowy organization knows more about him than he could ever imagine. And they're closing in Additionally, every line of the text has been examined, refined, revised, and, where necessary, corrected so that it fits perfectly in the canon with the stories and events presented in The Sovereign Era: Year One and Pilgrimage. This revised, expanded edition is the definitive one.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Hitler and Stalin. Destroying sovereignty aready 28 countries in the EE , will bring chaos, anger, vigilantes, and poverty. Some countries have suffered from oppression for decades or even centuries. They want to be sovereign and independent, why not? Would you dare to post such a question in former colonial Africa? I doubt. You Europeans have learnt nothing from your history and are destined to repeat it. Lucy Prelevic-Popova Says the woman typing a post on a product of the very capitalist expansion she fights against?

EU could only survive as an association of independent states since European nations do not accept any foreign domination. So please, dissolve your useless national state. Mine is fine to carry on as the oldest of them all…. What ever you wish as long as you leave my nation out. I want no union with corrupts, mafia and imperialists. Well, Portugal has no empire, has it? I only cited the most important and well known colony, ridicule nationalist of this shit.

You europhiles are indeed a joke.

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Go back to high school lad. Go learn something. PS: Anyway, thank God for China since the companies sold to the french and the spanish went all bankrupt or were simply dislocated out of Portugal. Because we do not recognise to them the status of free market… and you know what Portugal can do alone in this camp?