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A free tool for the creative church. About Blog The Explanation raises your eyes from your immediate environment to encompass the countryside, the nation, the world, the universe Boston area About Blog Hi! My name is Bert Farias. I'm a son of first generation Portuguese immigrants. I was raised as a devout Roman Catholic, very learned in all the Catholic sacraments, traditions, and prayers.

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I left everything to follow Him. Our aim is to draw your attention to real issues affecting the Christian Faith-Church and People. We will work hard to not only bring you encouraging and wholesome Christian Interviews with your favourite Christian, pastors, singers, celebrities, entertainers, actors and everyday people making a difference. Miller has 15 years of pastoral experience and has authored multiple books on church history, biblical theology, leadership and a devotional for building teams.

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More Than Cake is a collections of those thoughts and ideas which have taken on importance in his life and reflect the way in which he view certain subjects. Internet About Blog Aphorism City is an online city, a platform, where we are with the purpose of turning many into righteousness through word of God, Quotes and Life transforming articles, Poem and many more. To get people inspired Motivated and above all walk in the path of God especially the Youths and those, who can inspire, spread the good news across the globe.

McLaren is an author,speaker,activist and networker among innovative Christian leaders. Bringing a positive change of perspective. A reminder to shift our mindset to that which God would have us be focused on. You will find many articles uploaded that are serious in-depth studies on religious-related topics. Many topics could be either controversial or adult in nature.

I do like the offbeat, uneasy, and unconventional topics and I like the strange and curious things in the bible that sometimes get passed over rather quickly in a pastor's sermon. I have a faith that seeks understanding. I find that writing is a helpful process toward clarifying my thoughts and moving me forward in my understanding.

Find some of my writings here. Virginia Beach, VA About Blog Our goal on this page is to rethink the way we perceive and interact with Jesus, the church, and culture. The way we do that is by taking an in depth look at the way Jesus lived, how we act as the church, and then how we respond to culture. This page is the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of two pastors, who work in the church, and see a significant need to Rethink some of the ways we view Jesus.

Connecting men to Jesus and the church to men where men tell their stories.

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Blog encouraging men's ministry around the world by partnering with folk in different countries. About Blog A weekly blog on important Christian topics such as the power of prayer, our Christian life, the security of salvation, and the benefits of Bible study. Twitter followers 1. About Blog Top motivational short sermons to ignite your day. Powerful devotional blog to encourage your faith!

About Blog This website is for the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through proclaiming the truth and exposing apostasy. I will earnestly contend for the faith in every realm. I abhor false doctrine, as it is largely the aim of this website. Early America About Blog Weekly reflections from Chris Glaser, author of twelve books on spirituality, largely from a progressive Christian perspective.

It's what a good life is all about! Don't recognise it?

You will. Together we are going on a journey that will change your life God centered growth. Apologetics, sermons, theological studies, and Jesus Christ.

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Weston-super-Mare, England About Blog Curious Christian features an extensive and unusual collection of Christian Art, together with thought provoking commentary on Jesus,God and everything. Feeling curious? Read the Blog on Christianity by Matt Stone. Since October his writing flows out of his experiences amongst Christians,Hindus,Buddhists, Neopagans and the 'spiritual but not religious', both as a Christian and prior to that. My name is Annie, and I'm passionate about teaching the scriptures.

With this blog I'll be passing along the biblical truths that have changed my life and continue to shape me as a woman pursuing Christ-likeness.

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God uses this path He's placed me on to show me things, teach, grow and change me. I can't do any of this without Him I'm way too selfish. Sometimes I don't want to do it even with Him. Nicholas of Chicago. About Blog Hello and welcome to Brewing Wisdom.

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We're Jason and Steph. We love our savior Jesus Christ and we enjoy coffee! Our goal and passion at Brewing Wisdom is to share God's Word and help provide resources to help build a closer relationship with Him. Addressing the growing trends of burnout, moral failure, and forced exit among pastors.

We provide training and support for churches, pastors, and their families.

His mission is to teach the Bible,train ministers for God's people and transform disciples into Christ-likeness. He encourage Biblically centred Christian disciples and communities seeking to know the Scriptures,interpret them well, and communicate them effectively. About Blog Seeking simplicity in a complicated world. From cave to computer. About Blog The purpose of this blog is to provide insights from the Christian perspective. It exists to present the elementary teachings of the Glorious Gospel through the preaching of sound doctrine, providing biblical exegesis, and by conducting apologetics.

Writing blog since More than anything, he want this to be an encouraging place. He believes the best is yet to come. Passionate about equipping a generation of girls to live for Jesus Christ. Promotes and encourages biblical, 'precious' qualities; to share stories of God's amazing work through stories of real lives and hearts that have been changed. About Blog I am a Christian man who proclaims divine truth.

People claim to want answers to their problems, but they will make a swift exit when the truth does not please them. It is the truth that makes us free. Whoever wants to be free must be willing to hear the truth. Within the pages of the Holy Bible lie all the answers to mankind's problems. UK About Blog CMF mobilize and support all Christian doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals in serving Christ throughout the world. Promote Christian values especially in bioethics and healthcare,among doctors and medical students in the church and society.

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Blog with a wide range of topical issues at the interface of Christianity and medicine. We show you 'how' to grow in The Christian Journey to experience amazing peace, love, and joy. About Blog My name is Ernie, and I founded this ministry in Yeshua saved me in , and it happened rather abruptly.