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Issac, Anna, and John, Jr. The couple later settled in the Maryland countryside where they started a tavern and opened a post office and polling place. During the Civil War , the tavern was thought to have served as a safe house for the Confederate underground.

It is believed John Wilkes Booth devised his assassination plot at this location. Lincoln died the next morning from his gunshot wound. Soon after, the authorities rounded up anyone who might have been associated with the plot.

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Mary Surratt was arrested on April Although she claimed to be innocent, she was tried and convicted by a military commission. Mary Surratt was hanged on July 7, But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The mother of John Surratt Jr. In she married James Chesnut, Jr. The attack came only five days after Confederate General Robert E.

Lee surrendered his massive army at Despite his success as an actor on the national stage, John Wilkes Booth will forever be known as the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

To Conquer a Peace: Lee’s Goals in the Gettysburg Campaign

Booth, a native of Maryland, was a fierce Confederate sympathizer during the Civil War. She was the first lady of the United States from to , while her husband Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th president. Russia never dared exercise the privileges which Mr.

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Lincoln did, without reading a newspaper to see what people thought. A hound might hunt Mr. Lincoln, and never find him by an honest scent. The Union belongs to me as much as to Abraham Lincoln. What right has he or any official -- our servants -- to claim that I shall cease criticising his mistakes, when they are dragging the Union to ruin? I find grave faults with Abraham Lincoln. This halting imbecility of Mr.

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Lincoln heightens the contrast between the unhesitating boldness of the Democratic party. If we had a positive, intrepid Douglas, instead of a feeble, vacillating Lincoln at the head of the government, how different would have been the fortunes of the country. The people are turning their eyes to the Democratic party for relief. Lincoln is wholly unqualified for his position, the personal presence, the dignity nor the knowledge demanded in the magistrate of a great people. No branch of the Administration has been well and efficiently administered under him.

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His soul seems to be made of leather and incapable of any grand or noble emotion. You leave his presence with your enthusiasm dampened, your better feelings crushed, and your hopes cast to the winds. Even wisdom from him seems but folly. That there is in the Republican party a widely diffused impression of the feebleness, faithlessness and incapacity of Mr. Lincoln's administration is notorious. Anything for a change in this imbecile and torpid administration. Let us have a shaking up of its dry bones -- anything for a change. The result of the Baltimore Convention is like a game of cards when the devil is one of the players.

Lincoln will certainly be nominated and probably by acclamation without the formality of a ballot. It is like a trial before a jury that has been skillfully packed by the counsel of one party.

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Lincoln tried to reinstate himself in the good graces of his party by the Emancipation Proclamation but he is now painfully conscious that the radicals distrust and despise him. The age of rail splitters and tailors, of buffoons, boors and fanatics has succeeded. Lincoln and Mr. Johnson are both men of mediocre talent, neglected education, narrow views, deficient information and of course, vulgar manners. A statesman is supposed to be a man of some depth of thought and extent of knowledge.

Fort Sumter: The Civil War Begins

Has this country with so proud a record been reduced to such intellectual poverty as to be forced to present two such names as Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson for the highest stations in this most trying crisis of its history? It is a cruel mockery and bitter humiliation. Such nominations at this juncture are an insult to the common sense of the people. The mortification of the Republican party is great. They begin when it is too late to realize the truth of the allegations made by the Union men of Illinois as to the incompetency of Lincoln for the presidency. His supporters appealed to his published speeches as a proof of his ability.

It now appears, as it was suspected then, that those speeches were carefully prepared by Mr. Judd, and other friends of Lincoln, and revised, polished and rewritten to such a degree that those who heard him on the stump could not recognize them when they appeared in print. This was part of the game of deception played by his party to force such a man upon the country for its chief magistrate. His chief characteristics were an immense "gift of gab," and an ability to joke, and with a wonderful command of language, unaccompanied with corresponding ideas.

Let the American people prepare for a hurricane. It was my privilege to be present at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery, at Gettysburg, the afternoon of November 19, , and to hear the now famous speech of Abraham Lincoln on that occasion.

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  • I can bear witness to the fact that this address pronounced by Edward Everett to be "unequaled in the annals of oratory," fell upon unappreciative ears, was entirely unnoticed and wholly disappointing to a majority of the hearers. It was my good fortune as a newspaper correspondent to sit directly beside Mr.

    When he finished reading the manuscript he thrust it back into his overcoat pocket and sat down -- not a word, not a cheer, not a shout. The people looked at each other as if to say, "Is that all? After the speech, Lincoln turned to me and said, "Lamon, that speech was like a wet blanket on the audience. I am distressed about it. Seward asked Everett what he thought of the speech. Everett replied, "It was not what I expected.

    I am disappointed. What do you think, Mr. Seward replied, "It is a failure. I state it as an absolute fact that the Gettysburg speech was not regarded as a speech of any extraordinary merit until after Lincoln's death. The special phrase that has been most deeply ingrained and assimilated into the heart and speech of the world, and now generally attributed to Lincoln in the Gettysburg speech -- "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" -- does not belong to Lincoln, but to Daniel Webster.

    In he uttered it in his memorable reply to Hayne. Though Mr.