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So overwhelming is the evidence, even atheistic historians admit Jesus lived a. This part of the tale could not have been invented.

Wells, Outline Of History b. Its authors claim to write as historians or even eyewitnesses to real events a. Luke, the physician 1 His gospel Luke and history of the early church Acts compose over a third of the New Testament 2 He wrote as one describing historical events - Lk ; Ac b. John, the beloved disciple 1 His gospel John was written as an eyewitness account - Jn ; 2 In his epistle 1st John , he claimed to be an eyewitness - 1Jn c. Paul, the Jewish rabbi 1 Half of the books of the New Testament are his personal letters 2 He claimed to have been an eyewitness, along with others - 1Co 2.

As a historical document, it's evidence is remarkable! It was written soon after the events it records 1 As stated by Nelson Glueck, former president of the Jewish Theological Seminary in the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, and renowned Jewish archaeologist: "In my opinion, every book of the New Testament was written between the forties and eighties of the First Century A.

Albright, Biblical archaeologist b. It is noted for its historical accuracy in areas that can be tested 1 "It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a Biblical reference. It cannot be too strongly asserted that in substance the text of the Bible is certain: especially is this the case with the New Testament. And if the New Testament were a collection of secular writings, their authenticity would generally be as beyond all doubt.

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Bruce C. The writers of the New Testament leave us no alternative a. They are either "eyewitnesses" or "false witnesses" - 1Co b. Either the events occurred as described, or they are "cunningly devised fables" - 2Pe 2.


We cannot say they might have been sincerely deceived a. Especially in reference to the resurrection of Jesus 1 They claim they ate and drank with Him afterwards - Ac 2 They claim they saw and touched Him - 1Jn b. Given that these facts are undeniable, then consider with me Concerning Jesus a. We can't deny that He lived b.

Mt 2 Or is the New Testament's representation of Him false? Concerning the evidence of the New Testament as a historical document a. We can't deny the overwhelming evidence for the New Testament b.

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Therefore we must decide concerning its historical reliability 1 Will we accept it on the same basis we accept other historical documents? Concerning whether the New Testament is true a. We cannot say that it was simply a sincere but mistaken effort to explain who Jesus was b. Therefore we must decide whether it is true, or a carefully contrived lie! If we decide that the New Testament is a carefully contrived lie Then we must concede that a book with the world's highest standard of morality was composed by a group of liars, frauds, and deceivers!

We do not need to be anxious or worried.

Hope in the Lord brings encouragement. You know that feeling you get at the end of a long week? The anticipation of the weekend lifts your spirits. Now think about stretching that weekend out for eternity. That is why we are told to anticipate His glorious return Titus Because of Jesus, we have hope both for this life and for eternity. Help your child learn more about our hope in Christ with the following age-appropriate activities and discussions. Use this activity to help your child understand that putting our trust in Jesus gives us hope.

Tell your child you are going to play a game of hide-and-seek with a toy. Ask him to choose a special toy, and reassure your child that he can trust you to hide his toy in a safe place.

Choose a hiding place that is unlikely to be discovered without your help. When your child has searched for a while and seems ready to give up the hunt, offer to help him. With verbal clues, lead your child to find his hidden toy. As you celebrate together, thank your child for trusting you during the game.

Explain that when he believed you would keep his toy safe, he was showing hope. Just as your child trusted you to take care of a favorite toy, so we can trust God to take care of us.

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Use this activity to help your children recognize the hope they have when they trust God to guide them. As you work, talk about the obstacles we face in life: moving to a different school, making new friends, being sick.

To teach your tween how hope in the Lord gives us strength, try this activity. Gather a paper towel, plastic bag and water gun. Choose one member of the family to hold the paper towel against his chest as a shield. Have another family member shoot the water gun at it.

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Repeat the activity, this time with a plastic bag as the shield. Ask the same question. Talk about the advantage of using a plastic shield because it is made of a trustworthy, waterproof material. Talk with your kids about how self-confidence without reliance on God is like trusting the flimsy paper towel to keep you dry. Instead, place your hope in God because He is the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator who gives you strength and confidence when you rely on Him.

You can be confident that He will provide you with what you need to face any challenges that come your way. As teens ring in a new year, they often look to the future or at least the next few months with hope and youthful optimism. Talk together about your hopes for this new year. Whether you actually write out your resolutions or simply discuss them over dinner, broach the question of how it might feel if goals and dreams go unfulfilled.

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