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I hoped that the first book was simply a first project snafu and the second book would be much better. In the second installment in the Dragon Heat series, the story focuses on Griffin, another Brotherhood member. He is content in his life as an owner of a gym and fighting the evil dragon slayers in his off time. Then his world his shaken to it's core once Avani enters with her cool and collected attitude and floors him with asking him to father her child. Avani, being the last of the naga serpent dragons, wishes to breed with Griffin because his bloodline contains traits that would favor her producing a naga offspring.

She believes that this mountain of a man would take no issue with planting his seed and walking away. She was sadly mistaken since one of Griffin's first stipulations is that he will be a part of the child's life and that is non-negotiable. Avani has no choice but to agree and hope she can change his mind later. What both Griffin and Avani did not count on was that their dragon halves desired each other more than they would have guessed. That they would find themselves sorting through strong emotions and, dare we hope, love?

All these muddled feelings are even more conflicted when Griffin must decide between protecting the woman he is developing feelings for or going after his cousin who has disappeared. Will Griffin choose the family he is trying to create or the family he already has had for centuries?

Book 2: Immortally Sexy

I was blown away by this book. It was so much better than the first book. There was romance, there was action, and there were dragon politics much of which were lacking in the first book. It started well, toed the line of plausibility if dragonshifters were real, of course , and concluded without me having a sputtering "what just happened" attack. I am anxious to get my hands on the next story which I hope with fingers crossed will be about Mad and Ivy.

Way to brush off the less than stellar first project and deliver a much more well rounded addition to the series, Lolita! Red Hot Dragon draws its readers back into the world of the dragonshifter Brotherhood and makes it virtually impossible for them to want to leave. Griffin and Avani are an odd pair that proves that love comes in all shapes and forms Oct 18, Emsy Van Wyck rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-at-fff. I've had the two books in Lolita Lopez's Dragon Heat series on my Kindle TBR to be read shelf for a while, but receiving a copy of the second book Red Hot Dragon from the publisher, I decided to read the two books asap.

I'll be up front - I love dragons.

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I'm not sure if it's my Welsh heritage or if there is just something uber sexy [I received a copy of Red Hot Dragon from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I'm not sure if it's my Welsh heritage or if there is just something uber sexy about fire breathing reptiles, but I do tend gravitate towards these shape shifting beasts. Lopez's dragons are part of a secret brotherhood that protects the dragon race from St. George's descendants - swords and all. Her first book, Dead Sexy Dragon , features reclusive dragon shifter Stig Wyvern and an unexpected guest at his lair, baker Cora Cardenas.

She's the kid sister of his now-deceased best friend from the military and also someone he likes, perhaps more than he should.

Review: Dead Sexy Dragon (Dragon Heat #1) by Lolita Lopez

They have to overcome a blood feud, some St. George dragon slayers who have them in their sights, as well as mutual distrust. But sparks are flying when they meet and perhaps Avani's wish to have a little dragon to continue her line might come true. Both these books have a lot of sex - a lot of hot dragon sex - so be warned they are very romantica - if not erotica. But there is enough of a story line to carry these through as both dragon couples find passion in the midst of the three-year heat cycle that seems to be one of the triggers for the red hot dragon passion.

These are very quick and easy reads.

I wouldn't say they're my favorite dragon shifter stories, but they're fun. Again, I'd give them an NR rating at least and advise that the story is pretty much secondary to the dragon passion.

Red Hot Dragon

I felt left out of the exciting and very fun sounding kidnapping story happening somewhere else especially when its resolution appeared to be an afterthought to the next sex scene. I enjoyed the romance between Griffin and Avani and how it progressed smoothly throughout the story. They both approach the relationship as a sort of business arrangement but eventually it becomes something more. While the developing relationship felt rushed it made sense in how it developed and I enjoyed seeing them come to the realization that they wanted to be together beyond the terms of their arrangement.

Currently there is no information about another book but there is definitely room for more stories in the Dragon Heat series.

Oct 09, Stacy Sabala rated it really liked it Shelves: romance. She wants to save it if she can. She decides to approach Griffin Cadogan and offer him a proposition. She knows he is about to enter his heat cycle just as she is and wants him to father her child. Being a single parent is her plan, so Griffin needs not worry about any strings attached.

Red Patinas for Copper

Griffin is shocked at her request, but decides to help her. He explains that he is not looking to find a mate, but will not walk away from his child. Avani decides that she will change his mind about his involvement during the nine days they are together. Once they are locked together in her underground lair, their feelings start to change. It is hard for them each to hide their shock. Their feelings continue to grow and they start to bond. Then they find themselves protecting each other and fighting for their lives when the Knights attack them.

Griffin is also pulled in another direction when Madoc, his cousin, disappears. Avani has to embrace her dragon, something she has never done, to survive the attack. Griffin and Avani may not be able to carry out their plans with the Knights after them. The danger may be too much for both of them. This is a novella in the Dragon series from this author. It was a fast read and a sweet story between the main characters. I like that Griffin figured it out first, but was hesitant to say anything.


Avani made up for her slower comprehension of her feelings by being the first to say it out loud. I give story this a 4 out of 5. Sep 08, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: own-as-an-ebook , erotica , paranormal-urban-fantasy , review-copy-provided. This first book showed promise and I quite enjoyed it. Well when they are done well SO there was little plot beyond making a baby and very little character development.

So I can't really use that this was a novella as an excuse. Plus I am not entirely sure how a Nega serpent shifter fits into the whole dragon world. Some of the dialogue was pretty cheesy; I think I groan from the cheese that was oozing through the pages.

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The most interesting part of this book was the missing cousin and mentions of Stig and Cora. If you want a steamy read with a dragon shifter, this book is for you. Oh I do like that this series is interracial. Aug 15, Kathie katmom rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-request. I am impressed.