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Before the Fall, the earth existed in a terrestrial, or paradisiacal, state a state of paradise. After the Millennium, the earth will change again to a celestial state prepared for the presence of God. The New Jerusalem that John saw coming down from heaven is the celestial city of God. This city will likely include the city of Enoch, which was translated and taken up to heaven. How do you think John may have felt as he saw these things while he was exiled for his belief in Jesus Christ? Ask a student to read Revelation —4 aloud.

Ask the class to follow along, looking for what God will do for His people. What will God do for His people? Students may identify truths such as the following: God will dwell with and comfort His people, and they will no longer experience death, sorrow, or pain. Write this truth on the board. Refer to the list on the board of things that can bring us sorrow or pain.

5 September 12222 – Revelation 21:22 (NIV)

How can knowing that God will comfort His people and remove their sorrows and pains help us when we experience challenges now? Invite a student to read Revelation aloud. Ask the class to follow along, looking for what the Lord promises those who faithfully overcome. Based on what you have learned about challenges that exist and will exist prior to the Second Coming, what kinds of things will these people have overcome? Invite the same student to read Revelation aloud. You may want to explain that a sorcerer is someone who participates in activities in order to invite the influence of evil spirits and a whoremonger is a person who commits fornication or adultery.

The second death. Explain that the second death is a spiritual death, or separation from God, that those who willfully rebel against light and truth will experience after the Final Judgment see Helaman — Summarize Revelation —21 by explaining that John described the celestial city of God.

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He saw that the city had a great wall that had 12 gates guarded by 12 angels. He sees that there is no temple in this city. There will be no temple in the New Jerusalem because the immediate presence of God Almighty and of the Lamb will be its temple. There is no need for a temple if we have the eternal presence of God with us. There is no need for light from the sun or moon because the glory of God will illuminate the New Jerusalem.

The Lamb is its light. The Lamb will light the city. There is no sacrifice in this temple because the Lamb is its light John ; ; ; His offer of reunion is one of covenant. He initiates cf. Romans 4. The Old Covenant had requirements; so does the New cf. Mark ; Acts ,19; Mankind must respond both initially and continually in faith, repentance, obedience, service, worship, and perseverance.

This is not to say that some believers have not committed these sins but that their lives are not characterized by these sins cf. I John ,9. This seems to be a literary technique to show the eternal difference between the saved and the lost or an aspect of apocalyptic drama repeated for emphasis. Her brilliance was like a very costly stone, as a stone of crystal-clear jasper. There is a tradition in rabbinical Judaism that there are seven Angels of the Presence who serve God. Here, there is one angel for each plague.

However, John alludes to many OT passages, so here he may be referring to the mysterious northern mountain where God lives cf. It is even possible that it alludes to Satan's temptation of Jesus in Matt. The earthly sinful Jerusalem was discussed in The capital city of David has become universalized into the end-time abode of all of God's people cf. John Like all of the book of Revelation, this chapter is symbolic. Humans' sinful, finite minds simply cannot comprehend the ultimate joy and glory of the presence of God cf.

Literal jewels and a fantastic ancient city may be good metaphors, but they are not ultimate reality! Heaven is really both a person Jesus , and a place for fellowship with the Triune God. The number "twelve" occurs again and again in the remainder of this chapter and the first few verses of chapter It is the biblical numerical symbol of organization twelve months, twelve tribes, or twelve apostles or of God's people.

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See Special Topic: the Number Twelve at Here, it is very important to note that the OT people of God, described as gates in v. There has always been only one people of God, but this mystery was not clearly revealed until the gospel cf. Ezekiel Many commentators have asserted that this verse shows that the author cannot have been John the Apostle. However, Paul uses a similar phrase in Eph. The first foundation stone was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald; 20 the fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz; the tenth, chrysoprase; the eleventh, jacinth; the twelfth, amethyst.

And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

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The end-time prophecy of Ezekiel 40 also involves measuring. I Kgs. The reason that there is no temple cf. This may be John's way of showing that OT prophecies like Ezekiel are symbolic or have been fulfilled in a different way. John in a perfect cube symbol like the OT "Holy of Holies. This was not unusual because the names of ancient stones changed from country to country and century to century.

It goes back to the rabbinical traditions of the Talmud, "the Sanhedrin " a, which states that the end-time city gates would be made out of a single stone 45 feet tall.

Revelation 21-22

We must realize that God's city is not simply human opulence, but symbolizes the inestimable value and purity of God's presence. This same concept of a temple in heaven is revealed in the book of Hebrews cf. Notice His close connection with the Lamb of Revelation 5. They reign together and there is only one throne cf.

This is possibly a way of emphatically rejecting astral worship. It may simply be an OT allusion to Ps. It is not literal, but literary! It represents all the peoples from all the tribes and nations who make up the people of God. The concept of darkness in the Bible is often a metaphor for evil cf. Light and dark were especially important symbolic theological contrasts for John cf. John , ; ; ; ; ,46; I John ; The gates never close symbolizing openness, availability, no fear of attack.

The new age is characterized in the lighter, open city, a city of complete righteousness. There is no evil present!

Revelation 22

On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. The concept of a river flowing from the presence of God is an allusion to the OT cf. Water is a common metaphor referring to God abundantly supplying the spiritual needs of His people cf. This is anthropomorphic language from ancient eastern royal court imagery. God is an eternal spirit; He does not sit on a physical throne. It is a metaphor of His sovereign rule. This whole vision is from Ezek.

There are many references in Jewish apocalyptic literature to the tree of life found in Gen. That which Adam forfeited from God fellowship, knowledge, eternal life , God now freely gives to redeemed mankind cf.

5 September 12222 – Revelation 21:22 (NIV)

However, this may simply be a quote from Ezek. The new age has come and the curse of the OT cf. In Revelation the crystal sea of symbolizes God's transcendent holiness. Fallen mankind could not approach God, but now the sea is removed cf. It is possible that the term represents the Hebrew charam, meaning destroyed or totally destroyed cf.

If this is the OT allusion, then this verse refers to the security of the new Jerusalem and would be similar to the promises of I Pet. There is one throne, but two on it i. However, the servants serve "Him" singular. This involves the mystery of monotheism and incarnation. One God, but also a divine Messiah and a personal Holy Spirit. Moses was not allowed to see God's face cf. Seeing God or dwelling with God are rewards to those who are pure cf.

The original intimacy intended in Eden has been fully restored cf.

Revelation 21:22-23 NKJV

It was a symbol of ownership and security. See note at Chapter suggests only Christians who lived during the end-time persecution, but Rev. There is no clear differentiation in the Bible between the eternal reign cf. It is hermeneutically inappropriate to derive a major doctrine from an apocalyptic passage.